Meet Jacque and Hernan

Jacque   Hernan

“I recommend you go looking for a room we are in season”            “You guys up for an adventure?”

So as we drew the light out of the day we found ourselves enjoying Amigo’s Mexican  cantina in Key West. We were just watching foot traffic on the busy Duvall Street. We ran into Jacque who had moved down from Miami because she loved the feel of the Key West life. After talking with her we began to inquire about hotels in the area and she quickly said “I recommend you go looking for a room we are in season.” We did not think much of it until we went to a couple hotels and found them all booked.

Thats when we decided to stop in at the Fairfield Inn and Suites. I met the very funny and helpful Hernan. He was working the concierge desk there. Once he heard of our plight he took up our cause to find accommodations. He called all the hotels in the area and on other islands north of Key West. After about 25 calls he asked if we would stay at a bed and breakfast. We were fine with it so long as it was a clean place. Around his 9th call he hung up the phone and with a huge grin asked “you guys up for an adventure?” I smiled back and said we are on one. He I got you the only room I could find. He set us up in one of the honeymoon suites at a clothing optional resort.

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